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Greeting Card Lines and MORE - GENERIC /CUSTOMIZED  

Rainbow, Heritage, Treasure and Just for 4Kids - (20) in Pck.

Poetic Photo Frames - Various Sizes - Ex. 5 x 7 - 8 1/2 x 11

Poetic Candles 3" / 6" - Poetic Laminated Posters - Bookmarks - (20) to a pk.,- Customized Magnets - (10) to a pk. I.G. Rainbow Inspirational Calendar, - Books - "An Incredible Journey through Life and Words do Make a Difference,"- .PAMPER YOU or YOUR LOVE ONE with our  ONE OF A KIND "To Sweet too be Forgotten Gift Basket," Made for Any Occasion.


I.G. Creations Rainbow Greetings became a Family business in 2010.  We all had the same mindset, We knew people would be enlightened with our roducts which encouraged Love, Friendship and a New Frame of mind.  Our mission is to pass hope to others as we are encouraged by God and the things and people we encounter, on a daily basis. It is our way, of bringing light into  people lives! Having a chance to meet and talk with you, is one of the most rewarding experience, that any person could ask for. The writer, author Irene Grace wanted to share her products with the world, not just a selected few. It is nice to know that others feel the same,and to have someone share that feeling ,with you is amazing!  Our products are made just for you our customers. I.G. products make you feel the love, coming straight from their heart to yours!  YOU are the reason we are here. Our family rolled up their sleeves, and put all of their talents together, to make a difference in your life and your loved ones too!

Our motto "Touching Lives one Poem at a Time."