I.G. Creations is the company you have been waiting for!


Don't believe us ask some of our CUSTOMER'S!!

First of all lets START WITH........................ what do WE OFFER

Customized  and Generic Greeting Cards.Beautifully written and designed

Our lovely Laminated Poetic Posters 8 1/2 x 11  and other sizes offered, Bookmarks, Magnets, Invitations for Various Occasions......Poetic Candles, Calendars, Customized Photo Frames, Inspirational Books by Author Irene Grace, " To Sweet too be Forgotten Gift Baskets, and more.   AT REASONABLE PRICES......C. Byrd- I love I.G.. Products, their Baskets are phenomenal! I have ordered a number of them for special occasions, such as Thank You, Birthdays, Weddings and more.I like the special attention that I get from this company, I am not just a face, I am a person whose need is their final concern!  Thank you I.G.

S. Walton -Cards and books are great, all of my associates love them too. Their products are Very Inspirational. Good stuff!  The books, Customized Greeting cards are awesome.. I will be back for more, and I recommend this company to others.  Ms. Grace is a woman of integrity, and trully cares about your needs.  I purchased CD's that she recorded before the business started, and they too were highly annointed.  Waiting on more.... Bless you and I.G. Creations as you keep striving to make a difference in others lives.